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Hydz D23H16 Piezoelectric 3-24VDC Self-drive Buzzer

Short Description:


1. HYDZ Piezoelectric type HYD-2316L, 3-24VDC wide operating range

2. Convenient screw mounted type

3. High sound pressure level and clear sound

4. Continuous tone, Make sound no less than 90dB at 30cm, Widely used in devices need alert warning

5.  Steady structure and performance using full-automatically made PCB with lower defective rate

Product Detail

Product Tags

Electrical Characteristics

  Part No.



Rated Voltage (VDC)



Operating Voltage (V)



Sound Output at 10cm (dB)



Current Consumption (mA)



Resonant Frequency (Hz)



Operating Temperature (℃)



Housing Material



Weight (g)


Dimensions and Material (unit: mm)

HYD-2316L Dimensions and Material

Tolerance:±0. 5mm Except Specified

Notice (Handling)

1. The component may be damaged if mechanical stress exceeding specifications is applied.

2. Take care to protect the operating circuit from surge voltage resulting from excessive force, falling, shock or temperature change.

3. Avoid excessive pulling of the lead wire because the wire may break or the soldering point come off.

Notice (Storage and Operating Condition)

1. Product Storage Condition

Please store the products in a room where the temperature/humidity is stable and avoid places where there are large temperature changes.

Please store the products under the following conditions:

Temperature: -10 to + 40°C

Humidity: 15 to 85% R.H.

2. Expiration Date on Storage

Expiration date (shelf life) of the products is six months after delivery under the conditions of a sealed and unopened package. Please use the products within six months after delivery. If you store the products for a long time (more than six months), use carefully because the products may be degraded in solderability due to storage under poor conditions.

Please confi rm solderability and characteristics for the products regularly.

3. Notice on Product Storage

Please do not store the products in a chemical atmosphere (Acids, Alkali, Bases, Organic gas, Sulfides and so on), because the characteristics may be reduced in quality, may be degraded in solderability due to storage in a chemical atmosphere.

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