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hydz classic small magnetic sounder HY09-5T

Short Description:

1.Hydz 9*5.5mm classic magnetic sounder HY09-5T series
2.External signal drive type, different Rated voltage selective
3.Withstand wave soldering
4.Competitive price and stable performance

Product Detail

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Electrical Characteristics

Part No.




Rated Voltage (Vp-p)




Operating Voltage (Vp-p)




Coil Resistance (Ω)

5.5± 1

16 ± 2


Resonant Frequency (Hz)


Current Consumption (mA/max.)

80 at Rated Voltage

Sound Pressure Level (dB/min.)

86 at 10cm at Rated Voltage

Operating Temperature (℃)

-20 ~ +60

Storage Temperature (℃)

-30 ~ +80

Environmental protection rule


PS:Vp-p=1/2duty , square wave

Dimensions and Material

hydz classic small magnetic sounder HY09-5T1

Unit : mm  TOL:±0.3


Telephone, Clocks, Medical equipment, Digital products, Toys, Official equipment, Note computers, Microwave ovens, Air conditioners, Home electronics, Automatic controlling devices.

Handling Notice

1. Please don't touch the component with the bare hand, because electrode maybe corroded.
2. Avoid excessive pulling lead wire because wire may break or soldering point may come off.
3. The circuits utilizes transistor switching, The circuit constants for heft of the transistor are optimally chosen to maintain stable, so please follow it when you design a circuit.
4. Magnetic sounders are driven by an input frequency, the given frequency characteristics can be obtained only when applying 1/2 duty square wave(Vb-p). The end-users must know the facts that the characteristics of frequency may be quite change in different shapes with the applied various waves, like sine wave, square wave (Vb-p) or the other waves.
5. When other voltage are applied than recommended one, the characteristics of frequency will be also changed.
6. Please keep proper distance for strong magnetic field when you storing. transiting and mounting.

Soldering And Mounting

1. Please read of HYDZ specification, if soldering component is needed.
2. Washing of the component is not acceptable, because it is not scaled.
3. Please do not cover the hole with tape or other obstacles, as this will produce irregular operation.

Measuring Circuit and Condition

  • Input Signal: Rated Signal.
  • S.G: Signal Generator
  • mA: Millam meter Amp: Amplifier
  • Mic.: Measuring Condenser Microphone
  • DSP: Display Screen
  • Mic. + Amp. Can be replaced by a SPL meter.
  • Resistance and capacitor: LCR Meter or Multi-meter. Measuring Condition: 5〜35°C R.H.45〜75%
  • Judgement Condition: 25±2°C R.H.45〜75%
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